Industries are converging, and they are innovating more quickly. It’s apparent in the micro factories that mass-customize products for demanding consumers. Or the construction companies that manufacture their own prefabricated walls and ductwork. Or the media firms that take cues from the automotive industry and previsualize their entertainment properties.In the future, successful businesses will approach the ideas and practices of design-make-use in a new, dynamic way.

Join us for a full day of insights of how Autodesk can work with you to lead the way forward in the Future of Making Things.

For Architects, Engineers, Constructors: Find out how your design and construction business can boost performance, creativity, and profitability through Building Information Modeling (BIM).

For Product Designers, Developers, Manufacturers: Tap into the power of the newest manufacturing technologies—including generative design, additive manufacturing, and the Internet of Things—through one complete product innovation platform.

For Drafters, Designers, CAD Managers: Experience advanced toolset in AutoCAD to enhance your productivity.




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