Annotate:Dimension – part 1

Because AutoCAD is a vector program (Vector) is mainly used for technical drawing. It is therefore important to tell the size of the workpiece and there is a group of tools specifically for measure the size and entity details, namely the tool group.


In the Dimension group there are also tools that are separated according to the size used. Types include

1 Linear Defines dimensions in a straight line (both vertically and horizontally).

2 Aligned tells dimensions parallel to the workpiece in all planes.

3 Angular tells us the size of the angle in degrees between two objects.

4 Arc Length tells the length of the arc (Arc) from the end of the arc.

5 Radius indicates the radius of a circle. or part of a circle

6 Diameter tells the diameter of a circle. or part of a circle

7 Jogged tells a scaled down version. used in such cases The radial line is very far from the workpiece.

8 Ordinate sizing based on a defined starting point.

For understanding See the figure 3 showing different dimensions below.

Figure 3

In the next chapter, we’ll look at how to use Dimension. Let’s follow for more content.

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