Sketch Up: Protractor command

Protractor Tool Used to measure angles and used to create lines that look like angles.

How to use the tool

1. Move the Protractor so that the tool’s center point is at one end (vertex) of the line to be constructed.

2. Click once to place the Protractor.

3. Move the mouse cursor in a circle. to create the starting point of the desired angle.

4. Click once to start the desired angle.

5. Do step 1. with the other side to assemble the corner. to get the direction of the desired angle.

6. Click once to create a degree angle.

7. Press the ESC key in case you want to cancel the command.

Keyboard shortcuts to help add options to commands.

Ctrl: To toggle the creation of the outline. or not create a draft line.

Shift : to make the Protractor adhere to the axis along the created outline.

For understanding, notice the animations included.

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