From to originated from Founded in 1999, the CADCOM design school was very popular at the time. with methods and techniques that have never been used to teach this type of program before.

There were more than 500 people interested in applying for the training during the period of operation (1999-2006). After achieving the goals set, Ajarn Vin Jirawat, the founder, has the intention to add knowledge to convey to those who are interested again.

The goal is to spend 10 years studying and recite the Chakram and then come back to teach again, which is this year 2016.With modern technology social network era Come back this time, CADCOM works all online. Helping Thai architects and designers add CAD capabilities to use in their work.

Today has changed to Ready for architects, engineers, decorators, graphics, contractors. If you need CAD to work with, we’ve partnered with archbox design firm to help you with new content both in English and on our YouTube Channel.

Empower your design.


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