AutoCAD: AutoCAD Coordinate System 2

Continuation of the story AutoCAD 1 Coordinate System Let’s look at the coordinate system (Coordinate) in 3 dimensions. As was known before from The Story of the Axis X, Y, Z are the axes that are already used in 3D work in AutoCAD, so coordinates can be done by referring to these 3 axes as well.

For example, I want to draw a line after a rectangle. (rectangular) to have a length of 300 units diagonally inward on all four sides to create a roof-like shape as in the FIGURE 1. How to do?


The principle is that we will draw a straight line from the starting point to the end point that is in the 3D plane, meaning that we need to know the exact coordinates of this endpoint. We can use the polar coordinate method straight away, according to the structure @dist<xy<xy plane or @ length < angle between the XY axes < angle on the XY plane, therefore If you want to draw a line from any angle, you must first check the UCS Icon if the chosen angle is equal to the plane according to the 2nd right-hand rule or not.

Like the FIGURE 2 below I will draw a line from the starting point (indicated in the figure) that has an angle of -45 degrees to the XY plane and has an angle of 45 degrees upward from the XY plane, thus setting the coordinates of the end point to be @300< -45<45


With this principle, I draw a line from the beginning (indicated in the picture) to the next. which has an angle with the XY plane equal to 45 degrees and an inclination angle up from the XY plane is 45 degrees, so the coordinates of the end point must be defined as @300<45<45 results in long lines. and tilted to the desired angle.

Coordinate setting like this May be a little difficult to understand Trying to learn about angles and the 2nd right hand rule to understand it will help you to understand more.

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