AutoCAD: Array-Polar

Arranging workpieces into categories is done with the Array command (Modify command group) as shown in the FIGURE 1.


For now, we’ll talk about the Polar Array, experimenting with circular arrangements.

Start by creating Circle (Circle) up 2 pieces as shown in the FIGURE 2.


When selecting the Array command, there will be options as shown in the FIGURE 3.


Follow these steps:

1. Select the Polar Array first.

2. Click on the Select Objects heading, then come back and select the object you want to arrange.

3. Set the center point in the arrangement (Center point), select the Center of the large circle.

4. Come to the topic Total number of items to enter the desired amount.

5. Set the total angle in the arrangement (Angle to fill). In this case, enter 360, meaning that the arrangement is within 360 degrees or equal to 1 around the circle.

When enter, you will get output as shown in FIGURE 4.

It is a command that is used very often. There is also an Array / Rectangular option. and will be presented later.

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