Photoshop: Resize images with Image size command

Digital images, whether taken with a camera or download, you can check the image size (Image Size) width x length in pixels size by command Image / Image Size …shortcut key (Alt+Ctrl+I) as shown in FIGURE1.


From the image size (Pixels Dimension) 800 x 446 pixels, compared to the size when printed (Document Size) 28.22 x 15.73 cm. Resolution (Resolution) 72 pixels / inch (the higher the resolution, the larger the file size will be).

If you want to resize the Pixels Dimension, enter the desired number in the width (width) or height (height) box.


Adjusting Image Size to suit use and reduce the file size another way. Because sometimes we don’t need large and high-resolution images, such as images to be sent via email, for example.

Cadcoms 7th Anniversary
Cadcoms 7th Anniversary

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